The pastries at Essence Bakery are an expert blend of French techniques, American classics and specially selected organic fresh fruits. Perfectly laminated croissants, Danish and puff pastries alongside almond sablee crusts and traditional pies are filled with scratch made creams, curds and seasonal fruit to create unforgettable pastries.

We feature:
- Butter, double-bar chocolate and almond croissants
- Gruyere cheese, pistachio, fruit danish, cinnamon twists, almond streusel coffee cakes
- Seasonal croissants such as Meyer lemon, pumpkin streusel, honey apple, hatch chile-cheese are favorites
- Pies and tartes including coconut cream, French chocolate caramel sea salt, chocolate banana cream, lemon meringue
- Organic fruit pies like apple crumble, peach and strawberry
- French pastries including berry napoleons, eclairs, saint honore


The breads at Essence are crafted with respect to both traditional European and more recent techniques and innovations. Local flour from Hayden Flour Mills and organic King Arthur brands are combined to make an assortment of artisan breads for all types of bread lovers.

We feature:
-Crusty French Baguettes and rich French Brioche
-Wheat Sourdough made with 100% Hayden Mills Wheat Flour
-Seeded Wheat Pullman Loaves and Crusty Rustic Loaves
-Seasonal or specialty breads such as Hazelnut-Fig Loaves, Dad’s Sesame Organic Wheat, Greek Easter Koulara, Hot Cross Buns and Chocolate Orange Brioche